When Pollen Attacks: Allergy Headaches

Summer is almost here! It’s that time of year when the weather draws you outside to work in the yard and try to make it look as beautiful as the neighbors’ on your street with all of their beautiful blooming flowers and lush green lawns. You spend the afternoon mowing, trimming hedges, cleaning out the flowerbeds, planting new flowers and at the end of the day you stand back and approve of your masterpiece. As you are admiring the lawn, you feel a tickle in your nose which suddenly escalates into a full-blown sneezing attack. Uh-oh... Allergies are back!

At Modern Chiropractic, many of our patients come into our office with headaches this time of year and, when asked to expound upon their symptoms, they tell a story similar to the one above. Often they have resorted to Claritin or some other form of allergy medication for relief, but that is not always successful! Could there be other ways to cope with these dreaded seasonal ailments? Stay tuned to find out!

Some of you may be thinking, “Have I ever had an allergy headache?” The answer is most likely! Allergy headaches are often preceded by tickly and runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, nasal congestion, and itchy throat. Symptoms of allergy headaches include pain or tenderness over the sinuses, such as the maxillary (behind your cheeks under your eyes) or frontal (your forehead right above your eyebrows) sinuses often accompanied by increasing pressure in your head and face and a throbbing headache. If you have experienced this medley of symptoms before and your head has felt like a balloon with too much air in it, you have indeed experienced an allergy headache!

All of that is pretty awful but, lucky for you, the chiropractors at Modern Chiropractic can help! If you are suffering from allergy headaches, we will carefully examine your spine and make sure that your nervous system is clear of any stress that could be preventing you from recovering from these headaches and other yucky symptoms. With gentle chiropractic adjustments, we will remove the stress on the nervous symptom and allow your body to heal the way it is designed to do! 

The weather and scenery is too nice this time of year to be stuck inside recovering from allergy headaches. Don’t let nature hold you back! Come see us at Modern Chiropractic and get back to competing with your neighbors for the nicest yard on the street!

Dr. Shane Smith

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