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Sciatica Specialist
At Modern Chiropractic, Dr. Shane and his staff have the ability to effectively diagnose and treat sciatica as well as many other types of nerve pain. The doctor serves the residents of Newington, Connecticut as well as many of the surrounding cities and towns.

Sciatica Q & A

What Causes Sciatic Pain?

The sciatic nerve stretches from the spine to the feet. Several things can cause the sciatic nerve to become inflamed. Slip and fall accidents, auto accidents, using improper lifting techniques, and extreme weight gain can put pressure on the nerve, as well as the muscles and skeletal structure that it navigates through. The longer the nerve has pressure on it, the more damaged it will become. The nerve can become trapped between two muscles or a muscle and a piece of connective tissue. Chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy can help relieve the pressure. Stretching exercises and other activities can improve circulation and relieve the pain and discomfort a patient feels.

Can Exercise Bring Relief?

Sciatic pain is often caused by the nerve becoming trapped between two muscles or other structures. Exercise does several things to relieve the pain of sciatica. It improves circulation, re-establishing a healthy flow of blood that brings both oxygen and nutrients the nerve needs to heal. Exercises like stretching, yoga, and Pilates can pull and stretch the muscles, which releases the nerve and helps to keep the muscles and connective tissues flexible. These types of exercises will also work to relieve inflammation that can put pressure on the nerve, preventing it from being released.

How Will a Chiropractic Adjustment Relieve Sciatic Pain?

Chiropractic adjustments work to relieve the pain of sciatica in several ways. An adjustment restores balance to the musculoskeletal structure of the body, realigning both tissue and bone. This can free the nerve, allowing it to receive the nourishment it needs from the blood. Even if the problem has to do with spinal stenosis, a chiropractic adjustment can sometimes shift the bones enough to allow the pressure on the nerve to be released. Adjustments also help to stabilize the structures around the sciatic nerve and support it in such a way as to prevent it from being affected by inflammation and swelling.

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