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At Modern Chiropractic, Dr. Shane and his staff serve residents throughout Connecticut, including those who live in the Newington and Torrington, Connecticut areas. The doctor specializes in the treatment of various injuries that are the result of auto accidents and other mishaps.

Auto Accident Q & A

What Injuries are Common After an Auto Accident?

Many times the injuries caused by an auto accident are not immediately apparent. Part of the reason for this is the rush of adrenaline that many people experience can mask the pain and discomfort. It can take one or two days before the person actually begins to feel the pain of their injuries. Whiplash, closed head wounds/concussions, lower back pain, dislocated shoulders, and bruised ribs and hips from the seat belt are common injuries associated with auto accidents. Individuals who have noticeable injuries are often taken to the hospital, even if they are not life threatening. Some people may walk away with no apparent physical injuries, only to experience extreme pain caused by muscle trauma a few days later.

What Does a Whiplash Injury Consist of?

Whiplash is a severe neck injury that can result in both a headache and back pain if left untreated. Whiplash occurs when the body stops abruptly, allowing the head to continue forward at the same rate of speed. When the head can no longer move forward, it is violently snapped back toward its original position. This can result in damage to the tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and soft tissues in neck, head, and shoulders. While the injury only takes seconds to occur, it can take weeks and sometimes even months to sufficiently heal. Chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy are effective at relieving the pain and discomfort associated with whiplash and other forms of trauma to the neck.

Can a Neck Injury Lead to Headaches?

Neck injuries that result in strained muscles, tendons, and ligaments will increase a person's risk of headache pain. Injuries like whiplash, that cause inflammation will also have an impact. Inflammation can put pressure on the soft tissues that support the head and the blood vessels that transport blood to and from the brain. If the inflammation is severe enough to inhibit sufficient blood flow, migraine headaches can result. Chiropractic care and physical therapy can reduce inflammation and re-establish blood flow. These treatments also strengthen the soft tissues, making it easier for them to properly support the head and neck.


Most insurance plans are accepted at our chiropractic office. We accept auto accident, workers compensation, and personal injury cases that have resulted in back pain, neck pain, headaches, or other related pain conditions. We also accept most health insurance plans, including Medicare. Because there are many insurance plans out there and because coverage for chiropractic care varies widely, please call us to find out if your plan covers care in our office. Before you start a chiropractic care plan, our staff would be happy to verify your benefits and explain them to you at no charge. We also offer cash payment plans.

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