The 3 Keys to Conscious Eating

Today I wanted to make sure you got a ‘taste’ of some of the education we deliver in our office. Our office mission is to change the way people are viewing and managing their health and we truly feel if we can start to get people to practice better health habits we can change the world.  Since EVERYBODY eats, I thought I would talk about something you could use not only for yourself, but also forward on to your friends and family members on the topic of nutrition.  What I’ve included is 1 of the 3 foundational nutrition principles of our office.  And while I’m keeping it short and sweet today, we really ‘dig in’ deeper at our in office talk on nutrition. on what we call, ‘The 3 Keys To Conscious Eating.’

Key #1: “If you want to be more alive than dead, eat foods that are more alive than dead.”
– Unknown

No joke.  That’s it.  I can already hear your mind as you read that, “Come on, that’s too easy!”  Well, we feel that especially with nutrition, we have WAY TOO MUCH information out there.  So to filter through that information overload, use this foundational key as a starting point.  For example, if I had a pretzel stick and a celery stick, which one is more alive than dead?  Yes, obviously the celery stick!  In fact, with the innovation of packaged ‘snack’ foods, we have created a whole new category of eating, called snacks!  And everyone thinks that snacks must come in a bag or a box and be crunchy!  So try this out, start snacking on celery sticks instead of pretzel sticks.  Most likely you will fulfill your subconscious need to snack and crunch on something, while at the safe time-consuming something that is VERY alive, giving you some life-giving nutrition that your brain and body need.

If you would like to learn more about nutrition or about  "The 3 Keys To conscious Eating"  please don't hesitate to give our office a call!

Yours In Health

Dr. Shane
Dr. Shane Smith

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